1. American Library Association.
2. Associate in Liberal Arts.
3. Authors League of America.
4. Automobile Legal Association.

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a|la «AY luh», noun, plural a|lae «AY lee».
1. a wing.
2. any winglike structure: a) one of the lateral cartilages of the nose. b) one of the two side petals of any flower shaped like a sweet pea.
3. an armpit.
[< Latin āla]
a la or à la «AH luh; French a la»,
in the manner of; in the style of: »

If we are talking about a massed conventional aggression à la World War II, aeal inspection can provide adequate warning (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists).

[< French à la]
Usage a la, à la. Although originally French, a la is now regarded as an English preposition: »

a la Hollywood.

In formal writing and some advertising (for cosmetics and fashionable clothes), the French spelling is usually used: à la.
ALA (no periods),
American Library Association.
Australian Library Association.

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